Whether you seek a fortress of luxury or a cozy boutique, KL boasts staying experiences that are sure to leave you pampered and at home in the heart of the city. World-class luxury hotels, many featuring innovative green design and top-notch dining, offer a perfect home base for a day spent exploring the wonders of KL—though with amenities this nice, you may never want to leave.

Experience comfort and style  amidst these  KL  brands  and boutiques.

Majestic KL_website8.7 Shangri la KL Mandarin Oriental Ritz
The Majestic Shangri-La Mandarin Oriental  Ritz Carlton
JWM Grand Hyatt KL st regis kl hilton-hotel-kuala-lumpur__1
JW Marriott Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur  St. Regis Kuala Lumpur Hilton 
kl journal
 The Journal